Sassy Class Descriptions


Our mission is not only to provide outrageously FUN, intense, and addictive fitness solutions to members and clients, but also to provide creative solutions to elevate the knowledge of the fitness professional while moving the fitness industry forward.

We also offer classes open to fitness enthusiasts, not just instructors, at our studio in Danville, California. We offer fitness education for instructors and fitness video production, in addition to personal training, nutritional counseling, and small group training opportunities for the general public offered as well. Our classes are unlike classes you may find elsewhere. Classes at San Ramon Valley Fitness are more like personal training, in a group atmosphere.

We also offer FREE FitClubs for the community.

NO MEMBERSHIP OR SIGNING FEES! There are no additional fees to enjoy our fitness classes. You don’t have to be an instructor and you don’t even have to be a member at San Ramon Valley Fitness to enjoy our classes! You can purchase single classes or 30 days of unlimited monthly classes. What are you waiting for? Start today!

You may view the current class schedule online.


The small group training classes we CURRENTLY offer include:


BAD Kitty Sassy Fitness™ EXPRESS Classes30 minutes. Untamed fitness!  Created first at San Ramon Valley Fitness, and now offered at clubs throughout the nation and made into a home video workout phenomenon! This class gives you fitness with attitude!  Take the basic moves of a sassy dance routine and an EXTREMELY HIGH calorie burning aerobic routine and combine them to create an edgy, fun, energizing, sassy, and totally addicting workout!  Burn an INSANE amount of calories and feel absolutely exhilarated and HOT doing it!  ATHLETIC SHOES NEEDED!

 BAD Kitty Sassy Fitness™ Classes60 minutes. Take this class to a whole new level in the full hour long format!  Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ gives you an addictive, extremely high energy workout! Bad Kitty Sassy Fitness™ combines the athleticism of plyometrics, dynamic moves of dance, exhilarating aerobic movements and intense body sculpting drills to create a fun, edgy, sassy, and EXTREMELY effective workout! Burpees can be beautiful, push ups can be pretty, tuck jumps can be tempting and sweat is definitely sexy! Play. Sweat. Rock it. Work it. Love it. Life is untamed! Get wild!  ATHLETIC SHOES NEEDED!

Candlelight Pilates and Yoga  – 30 minutes. A combination of pilates and yoga to incrase strength and flexibility. 

FitClubs – 60 minutes. Fit Clubs are hosted by Independent Team Beachbody Coaches. People meet in person to work out together to Beachbody programs such as P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, or Shaun Ts Fit kids® Club.  Coaches are available to provide support and answer questions. the group vibe helps you stay motivated and on track for success! ATHLETIC SHOES NEEDED! 

HAPPY HOUR at THE SPORTS BARRE! – 60 minutes for 1/2 price! Happy hour at the bar will give you a bar stool butt, HAPPY HOUR at THE SPORTS BARRE will give you a BARRE BUTT!  60 minutes of chiseling, sculpting, lifting, butt kicking class for ONLY the 30 minute price!  This class can be done barefoot or with athletic shoes.***THIS IS AN ADVANCED, INTENSE CLASS! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS! YOU MUST TAKE AT LEAST SIX 30 MINUTE SPORTS BARRE CLASSES PRIOR TO SIGNING UP FOR THIS CLASS***

THE SPORTS BARRE®30 minutes. THE SPORTS BARRE® is an athletic approach to barre fitness classes.  Come see how this EXTREMELY targeted work out can give you chiseled arms, sculpted thighs, a graceful curve in the lower back, & tight lifted assets!  Create long and lean muscles! THE SPORTS BARRE® is a unique combination of barre work, core conditioning, orthopedic exercises, and sports performance exercises and is only offered at San Ramon Valley Fitness!  This class can be done barefoot or with athletic shoes.


Specialty small group training classes include:


KANGOO® BOOT CAMP60 minutes. Kangoo BootCamp is a fun, soft Military-style training program, taking club members outdoors. The instructor can decide on the intensity of the class, depending on the fitness level of the participants. It is either for participants who have a good base level of fitness up to athletic fitness or participants of all ages and fitness levels. The class can be an ideal occasion for the whole family to join in and, for those who are new, get the feeling of a group fitness class and eventually sign up as a club member. This outdoor challenge will work you from head to toe, building both stamina & fitness levels, as well as fat loss, without needing the coordination of an aerobic or dance class. It combines running over a variety of terrains with stamina & resistance challenges layered in for the ultimate in interval training. All while protecting your body from the jarring impacts. JOGGING – TUCK JUMPS – INTERVAL SPRINTS – PLYOMETRIC JUMP TRAINING are just some of the exercises that you will be doing in this all out workout from Kangoo Jumps. We rent Kangoo Jumps for the classes at San Ramon Valley Fitness, or you may purchase your own pair.
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KANGOO® HIP HOP60 minutes. Everybody JUMP JUMP! Kangoo Hip Hop is the aerobic training program utilizing Kangoo Jumps exercise shoes, which act as shock absorbers. Kangoo Jumps generates a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness that not only increases the Fun Effect, but more importantly decreases Joint Stress. It is specifically designed to challenge the whole body, building muscular strength and endurance. Each Jump move is designed to focus on core stability, ensuring a balanced workout, to challenge even the fittest, but also the beginner. The success of the classes is mainly due to the extraordinary feeling it creates, due to the high release of endorphins. Attendees get “addicted” to it. The basic moves are very easy and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity as you progress to levels 2 & 3. Therefore, this program suits a broad range of class attendees, even those who normally don’t take group aerobics. Kangoo is also great for athletes, due to its use of plyometric techniques using Kangoo Jumps to maximize effort, while preventing damaging impacts to the joints. We rent Kangoo Jumps for the classes at San Ramon Valley Fitness, or you may purchase your own pair.
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KANGOO® BAD Kitty Sassy Fitness™60 minutes. Coming soon!

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